Copy Excel Cell value one at a time

I’ve got a large Excel Workbook with tons of shipments. I would need to one by one check the prices of the shipment and individual deliveries in our 3rd party Logistics Program.

How would be the best way to have the UIPath Read a Cell and after completing the price check other things to move 1 Row down and read the next value rinse and repeat.


  1. use Read Range activity to read data from excel and will give you output as DataTable and say ‘DT’.

  2. Then use For Each Row activity to iterate that datatable.

                         ForEach row in DT
                             - pass this value to the browser using Type Into activity or any other 

It will read one by one cell value from that column and then do your opertaions in web application.


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  1. Make read range for excel sheet.
  2. Use for each row loop to get value of the particular cell.
  3. Do some click, type into etc in your Logistic Program.
  4. Put loop on all of this with the condition base on rows numbers.

Hello sir,

Did you completed this task? I am having a very similiar case. Can i see it somehow? Thanks in advance.