Copy excel as it is


I want to copy the the excel data from one workbook to other workbook as it is, means if the data is in bold it should copy as a bold. In my case some rows are merged together. So i want to copy as it is.

Instead of hotkeys, any solution for this?

Hi @Jayesh_678

1.Use Workbook Read Range Activity and pass the path of excel file and create output data table variable.
2.Use Workbook Write Range Activity and pass new workbook path of excel file and pass the data table variable.

Kommi Jeevan.

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Did we try with MOVE FILE activity if we are trying to create a new another file.

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Book21.xlsx (9.7 KB)

I want to copy the excel data as it is.


It is not copying as it is. Bold data is not coping as a bold.

There is an option for "Preserve Formatting. I can’t remember if that is in the Excel Scope Read Range or the Workbook Read Range. Try that and see if the Bold copies over.

It is not working… :frowning:

@Jayesh_678 Can you tell me where do you want to Copy the Excel Data?

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Mail Body…

@Jayesh_678 Do you want to Attach the File as an Attachment or as a Tabular Data inside the body?

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Tabular data inside the body.

@Jayesh_678 Then there is Something else that you need to perform :sweat_smile:, You need to iterate the Excel File using a For Loop, and use basic html Table Coding , Can you send your Excel File? I can try to make a workflow fo it.


Book21.xlsx (9.7 KB)

Thanks for your quick response. Please find the attached excel file.

@Jayesh_678 Is it fine if the table is in this Format ?

@supermanPunch Hey are the above header are bold . If yes can you share the method have u have achieved that .

Hi @HimanshuSonawane

Have you tried excel application scope and use select range activity and use send hot key as ctrl+c and ctrl+v

or else use excel application scope and pass copy sheet activity

Ashwin S

@HimanshuSonawane Do you want the Table in an HTML Format ?

Yes .

@HimanshuSonawane Do you want to use your table inside body of Email ?

yes .