Copy entire rows from one workbook to another workbook matching by one column

Hi there,

Is that possible to run it out as I got two workbooks which is OldFile and NewFile. Both files having same column as image attaching below.

This is how OldFile looks like.

and this is how NewFile looks like.

My concern is that I want to copy the entire row from OldFile and paste it below each existing row in NewFile matching by cust_id (that I draw it with red frame).

Does anyone could assist me on performing this task? I would appreciate any assistance from you.
Thanks in advance.


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  1. Read the oldfile and newfile.Then do the below operation,
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hi @Manish540
Use Excel application scope and read range activities to read both files? But how to read in two files in a scope?
Thank you for your sharing :’)

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