Copy dynamic rows based on a word

Hi everyone!

Here’s the thing. I need to copy each employee table existing in the raw file to a template which basically the same except it’s only for one employee. So it’s like whenever Employee Name appears in column A, I need to copy it from the row with employee name until the row which it appears again. For the below example, it’s A5:E12 and A14:E21. Number of rows is fixed, only the number of employees is changing.

I’m really not sure how to do this, I’m trying to look for some projects/questions here which the same with mine, but I can’t find any. Hopefully someone here have the same scenario as mine. :sweat_smile:

My logic is as below : See it if works,

Since the number of rows if fixed you can probably use read range activity inside a loop (While loop with a flag). Each time compute the numbers (start row and end row).

For example for first iteration startrow = 5 , endrow = startwor + 6,
For next iteration startrow= endrow(of previous iteration)+1, endrow = startrow+6.

Can you give me example? I’m not sure how to apply your suggestion😅

Hi @cldt
could you please share excel (or else) i want to know Report ,company, Date are static rows or it was also repeated rows ??

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Please share the excel…

Hi @Robinnavinraj_S @Deebiga_Kandasamy ,

Here is the source excel file.
INPUT.xlsx (9.4 KB)

The data per employee must be copied to this template.
OUTPUT.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Number of rows allocated for each employees are fixed but the number of employees varies each input file

Hi @cldt

I saw your both input & output file it looks similar why you need another file?


I need to create individual excel file