Copy data from one excel sheet to Another

I want to copy data from Excel sheet A having X columns and y rows to Excel sheet B having U Columns and V rows. I dont want to overwrite the data.

Hi @abhide ,

Please add screenshots of input and expected output for Community to understand your query better.

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When I am copying table 1 with table 2 then the output i am getting is there is extra column formed in table 1 also. I want WW10 column to be blank in new table and WW11 should be below WW11. This is to compare in future.
I have added my program

Hi, use Merge Data Activity to get expected output.

Your final Data Table will have following columns :
ID, Import, Export, WW10, WW11, WW12, WW13, WW14, WW15, Unnamed Column.

Remove Unnamed Column.

Then write this final Data Table to excel sheet.

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Thanks a lot shraddha

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