Copy data from one excel cell to another sheet

Good afternoon friends;

A query please, I am trying to copy data from one excel sheet to another (“SBS” to sheet1), I also tried with write range, but I did not have good results, with the write cell function, I am not sure it is the Ideal activity for this case, but it only writes in the first cell and does not advance to the others.

The idea is to look for each data from column “C” of sheet “Sheet1” in column “A” of sheet “SBS” and if it exists, copy the data from column “C” of “SBS” to the a the column “H” of the sheet “Sheet1” (20.2 KB)

Thank you



so you want to pass data from SBS sheet into Sheet1, is that right?

also you want to add or modify data

I already solved it, I had to make several changes with respect to what did previously (45.4 KB)

Maybe it will serve somebody.

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