Copy data from excel Line by line and save it

Hey all,

I need your help please, i want to copy data from a excel file to another work sheet, but every time taking just the first line and 2 columns by filtering data like this example, if we choose Male or Female as filter we can copy just name of article which contain this filter but it take just the first one and paste it to the other workbook and save it with its price and the do the same thing for the next filtred article and save it until the end of articles can you help me please ?

Thanks in advance

Paste data

It may help you to copy paste the data from Excel.

Use “Copy ToClipboard” and “Paste Clipboard” activity from below package…


Hey thank you for your answer, and how can i copy paste just the price and the name without the other data ? every time it take the first row and then save , in the other time it pass to the other line and paste it ?

Thank you for your answer but i don’t need the whole table, i need to copy juste the first line with blue color on a page and then i will save it and pass to the second one and copy it can you help me on that please ?