Copy data fields from web into excel file continuously

Hi Alex newbie here,

Essentially trying to workflow and having trouble finding the video that explains well how to use either Screen Recording or web recording to copy individual data fields on a website similar to LinkedIn that are similar over each resume page but unique. Purpose: click a button each time viewing page of resume and copy all data points into an excel file that can be uploaded into CRM later.

I can’t understand what data table is to excel. How to choose the excel file and how to select the data points on the website? Any direction to an informative video or guide extracting data points from website to excel file would be appreciated. Data scraping doesn’t seem to solve because I don’t want to automatically go through a series like Amazon products. It’s individual clicking once to scrap everything off resume page like Indeed, Monster,, etc into excel file with about 20 columns.

Hello @Alroscribe,

Use Build datatable to store your results of scraping and use write range+excel scope activity/write csv activity where you will have to configure your datatable name.

If all the profiles are similar in format or template, then use Get Text Activity to scrape relevant fields.

You can use a type into activity for entering into search panel.

Thank you,