Copy CSV file data to HTTP request body

I have a requirement to copy records from a csv file,including the header row, to HTTP request body attribute to invoke a REST API end point.Could someone please share their inputs on how to achieve this?

hi @shravanb007

use read csv activity

@Ajju Read CSV activity will return the data in to a data table and i want to use this data inside the Body attribute of HTTP Post request. I am not sure whether we can give a Data Table variable as input in HTTP request body.Can this be done ?

@shravanb007 after read csv you can use output Data table activity which will return a string

might help you :slight_smile:


It depends on the structure of your request?

but as @Ajju has said, convert DT to string will allow you to add it.

The other option is to build your request from a template and extract data from datatable to insert / replace whats in request template.

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