Copy column data to another column of a sheet

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Can anybody help me in,
i have a datatable with multiple columns in sheet 1. I want to copy column one by one and place at a different position in sheet 2. Sy i have column A,B,C,D in sheet one i have to paste these columns in sheet 2 s A->C, B->Z,C->k,D->L.

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@Shikhar_Tandon You can change the Datatable Column Order Sequence and Write the Datatable to Excel

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Use read range and use excel application scope and use select range as “A1:A100”
use send hot key as ctrl+c and ctrl+v and use excel application scope and use select range and use ctrl+v

like wise do it for other columns

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hi @supermanPunch thanks. But how ?

@Shikhar_Tandon How to reorder columns in datatable
Check This, This Post Should cover your topic

Thanks a lot @supermanPunch. Can you guide if i want to enter data from a specific range means from A2 or Z5 how can it be done ?

@Shikhar_Tandon You can use Filter Datatable Activity to keep the Columns you need , in the order you need it :sweat_smile: I guess this will solve most of the problems