Copy arguments from a sequence to a flowchart

In the Level 3 - Advanced Training, part 1, UiDemo Walk through, we are required to do this step for the Process.xaml:
“We now need to complete the Process.xaml file. Since there are two decisions to take,
and the second one stems from the first, the best layout for our Process is a Flowchart.
After creating one, copy the annotation and the arguments from the existing Process
How can I perform that last sentence?

Here is what my process looks like now:

If you click in the section where the arguments are, you can press Ctrl + C, go to your other process, and press Ctrl + V in the new process arguments window. That will paste the arguments in.

For the annotation, select the annotation text from the first process, press Ctrl + C, then go to the new process sequence. Right-click on the header of the sequence, click “Add Annotation”, and use Ctrl + V to paste the same annotation to the new sequence.