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I have opened two workbooks and now i need to copy the data from one workbook to the other.

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We can use MOVE FILE activity
Where in the path mention the first file path
And in destination mention the second file path

If that excel doesn’t have any special templates
Then we can use
—excel application scope and pass the file path of first excel
—inside the scope use READ RANGE activity and get the output with a variable of type Datatable named dt
—now use another excel application scope and pass the file path of second excel file
—inside that scope use WRITE RANGE activity and mention the datatable dt as input and ensure that the property add headers is enabled in the property panel

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification @Jagadesh2494

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Hi @Jagadesh2494

If Move file Activity not working

Use excel application scope and use select range activity and use send hot key ctrl+c and excel application scope and use select range ctrl+v

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If you need to copy all the data from all the sheets then use as @Palaniyappan mentioned.
Else you can read a range as datatable then write it into another excel sheet.

hi @Jagadesh2494 }

you can use the balamurugan activities, it’s help a lot, hope it can solve your problem!

BalaReva.Excel.Activities.2019.3.0.nupkg (53.3 KB)


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@fernando_zuluaga Hello,

If you wish to copy the data inside the file you just have to use a read range to read the range of all the data and input the read range data in a variable. Then just use the append activity to add the data to the end of the current data of the file you’re going to move the info to.

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Hi @Jagadesh2494,

Here the solution to copy and paste one excel sheet to another excel sheet.