Copy and Paste #VALUE! in EXCEL

I have a column in Excel with formula and in some cells it returns “#VALUE!”. When I try to copy and paste the column with only values using “Copy Paste Activity”, the cells with “#VALUE!” is changed to “-2146826273” and the rest of the cells are pasted correctly. Pls help me out with this.

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yah its specific CVErr value of the term #VALUE in excel
to copy them and paste we can either read them with READ RANGE activity and store them in a datatable and use WRITE RANGE activity and mention the before obtained datatble as input, inside the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE

Cheers @rvivek

Hi @Palaniyappan, Thank you so much. I have tried the same, and it’s still changing to image #VALUE! -2146826273.

I am also facing the same issue, please let me know, if you have found any solution.