Copy and paste the columns in csv

Hi All,

I have to copy A column and paste that column in B in csv file.
I read the csv file using read csv file but am not sure on how to copy and paste the columns in csv.

Can anyone please help @vvaidya , @arivu96 , @Florent_Salendres @aksh1yadav

Thank you

@divyaag Check attaches zip file (10.7 KB)

HI @indra

Am getting this schema error. I have installed all the packages but still am not able to do.
Cna you please help


@divyaag What is the version of studio you are using

its 2018.2.3.
Otherwise can you please share the screenshot,

@divyaag Can you share output panel screen shot

@indra here it is

@divyaag Follow this link CurrentIndex Row Error it will work

You just need one excel application scope use read range and provide sheet name if it contains only one column you don’t need to specify range just make it “” then use write range there mention “b1” input data table will be output data table of read range