Copy and Paste excel function format

Thank you all for your help
We have a machine that is giving us errors in the Modern Activity, and we are trying to implement an Excel format copy in the Classic Activity!
However, it is very time consuming and we are looking for a better way!
Reference: It may be a little difficult to see, but I am attaching the relevant screencap.

(What we want to do)
I want to copy and paste the Excel function format from H2 to P2 to H1000 to P1000.

(Modern Activity)
(What I want to do) I want to copy and paste the function format from H3 to P1000 in Excel (modern activity)

(Classic Activity)
In copy/paste range, if I specify H3 to P1000, I can only paste from H3 to P3.
Therefore, as shown in the screenshot, I implemented a loop processing, but it takes too much time.


HI @VitaminJapan2

What error did you receive?


I missed to get the error screen shot from my colleague.
Tommorow I will get.

I resolved this concern using auto fill activity!
I could copy and paste excel function by this activity.
Thank you.

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