COpy all the report data into Output Data table

Hi All,

I will export the excel sheet in Desktop application,
Ex: If I need to generate report for Oct 2018 , There will be maximum 31 report will exist for entire oct month, Oct 1st to Oct 31 , SO there will be 31 reports will exist in Desktop application,

Let us suppose that Bot was trying to export Oct 1 2018 data and saved in temp file, Performing calculation in temp file and finally saving the data in output data in a Data table dte_Mothly details,

So Bot will Perform same action for the entire Oct month, all the exported report after calculation need to save in output data table for oct1 to oct 31st,

I tried with Merge Data table and copy data table, Only it was saving current running report data in to the data table, It was not adding record details one by one in to output data table,

My Output data table Should be as below.
Oct 1 data (After copying oct 1 data Next row need to copy Oct 2),
Oct 2 data (After copying oct 2 data Next row need to copy Oct 3),
Oct 3 data,
Oct 4 data and so on need to copy till 31st oct

can any one advise to copy all the report data while running the Bot simultaneous to copy into Single output data table