Copied the table through screen scrape but unable to paste or write it into excel


I have scrapped a table from an application through screen scrapping and created a variable for output with ‘string’ type as the data had not been copied in tabular format and variable not allowed to choose any other ‘type’ than ‘String’.
Therefore, it is not allowing to paste the data into excel file as it require variable type to be changed to 'data table.
I have tried creating subsequent variable (pasted the data to ‘Clipboard’ and created variable for ‘output’ with data table type) but still it i couldn’t fix it. Please advise

Error description:
Source - Open application push button
Message - Value does not fall within the expected range
Exception type - System.Argument exception

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HI @satnanda,
Welcome to the UiPath Community. To extract tabular data from web applications, you have to use Data Scraping and not screen scraping. Data scraping will extract the tabular data directly into datatable, which can be written into an excel.