Cope from path to ather path



please help me with this I have workflow and I have some process which check the files and so on and after those all at the end I want to move those files so anther path I use invoke but I did not work because the files still under process can not move access denied



Did you try using close window or kill processes in your workflow, after processing the files and before moving them to different path.


Thank you so much for replying me I did try now but It did not work to you have any other idea please

Thank you again


I have attached a simple workflow which processes a .txt file and moves it to a different path. Please check if this helps. If possible upload your workflow for better understanding

File Move.xaml (7.6 KB)


Main.xaml (55.3 KB)
this is my workflow I trying to move files folder and inside folder there is attach PDF files which I want to move to archive folder after processed done