Copay single values from excel and paste to another excel file

Hi all,

I have the following case that I want to automate.
In the first place I do have several excel files that all do have the same layout, filled out with different values. The values are always at the same place within the layout.

What I currently need to do is to open the first file. Copy each relevant value and paste it into a Master Data file. The Master Data file collects and aggregates all data from the layouts mentioned above.

So Job would be
Open the first template. Copy first value and paste into according cell in Master Data, copy second value and paste into according cell in Master Data, Copy third value…

Once all values from the first template are copied and pasted in to the MasterData open the second template and repeat tasks from 1.

Any chance I can use the recorder to process this?


Try this linq

(From row In DataTable.AsEnumerable()
Where row(“Column1”).ToString() = “A1”
Select row(“Column2”)).FirstOrDefault()