Converting values from excel


I’m trying to loop through some values of excel, one of the values in excel is =TODAY() + 7 all the other values are text. I placed them inside a dictionary (Of String, string). When I’m trying to input all these values into a form on a web app, I get an error with this date value, it does not read this value as a string, and thus writing wrong value in the form. How should I fixed this issue?

Hi @Siene,

Can you share me the screenshot of the error.

And what exception are you getting


Hi here is my screenshot,

I don’t get any errors but the input data for the calendar is wrong, it does not take the excel value for a string I think?

The image on top are some of the values inside the excel sheet,

the image below is a part of the web application where you can see the wrong date …

Can you display the date with message Box acitivity ?

Hello @Siene, Is it possible to share your workflow or some sample to try?

I can display it with the right values in a messagebox …

I cannot share my workflow… I’m just a student who is doing an internship in an enterprise and its the enterprise test environment … I can display the date just normally when trying to open it with a message bot, but I think that is because you can read an excel cell calue and the output is generic variable …
Maybe it is because I made my dictionary from string values and the output of the formula in the excel file is maybe not string value??

Hi @Siene,
Its the date format of the excel sheet if u change the type of the cell the problem Wi resolve I think.




indeed when I change it into General type of variable in the excel sheet I get exactly the wrong date value, that I got when placing it into the web application.
But I need to work with dynamic variable not fixed … so not sure how I put that in excel file without using the date type …

Thanks, indeed I had to change the type of the cell into text and not into general and change the formula into =TEXT(TODAY() + 7,“yyyy/MM/dd”).
Now it works!

Thank you

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Hi Siene,

By any chance, if you want the date to show as “mmmm” or the entire month, are you able to show it? I am encountering that UiPath is typing “00” instead of the month.

Hope you can assist.



Hi @richmond.bpoi,

Use this code you will get full month name.


If you use =TEXT(TODAY() + 7,“yyyy/MM/dd”) in the excel sheet it is displayes and used as text so UiPath shows exactly the value that is displayed in the excel file, if you use =TEXT(TODAY() + 7,“yyyy/MMMM/dd”) than UIPath displays also the name of the month.
I only needed the number in this case :slight_smile:

Hi @Siene, Will it work, if you remove the formula in excel worksheet and just enter the date ? Sorry if you have tried this and I did not get it.

Hi @viswanarahari,

I need to have a dynamic date, so everytime I run the robot the date must be today + 7 days that’s why I cant remove the formula. but if you use the formula =TEXT(TODAY() + 7,“yyyy/MM/dd”), like a said above, it solved my issue and showed the correct date in UiPath everytime I run the robot now :slight_smile:

Hi @Siene, Good to know it is already working. I was only just suggesting to remove formula for troubleshooting purposes.

Happy coding!

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