Converting to IReadOnlyDictionary<String,InputFile>

Hello. How do I Convert for Data Type I get form For Each File in the dolder (CurrentFile) to IReadOnlyDictionary<String,InputFile>?

May we ask you to tell us more about your scenario and what brings you in this situation to do this conversion. What is tried in general within the Business Case?

Hi, I am using Uipath connector to abbyy vantage. With this connector I an uploading files to abbyy vantage. The Connector has a Input format of IReadOnlyDictionary<String,InputFile>, but I don’t know how to get that from a file that I am trying to upload.

Hello Tomaz, did you find a solution for your problem? I’m facing the same issue and I don’t know how solve it.

If you could post your solution will be great!.


Did you find a solution?

I am also stuck on this.


Ok, I found the example they provided at
C:\Users\Public\ABBYY Vantage Connector for UiPath\SampleWorkflow\Vantage
This is on the computer the connector is installed.
You just need to use a Dictionary, not IReadOnlyDictionary

Hi Adam,

Have you found a solution to this issue.
Even I am stuck at this point.


@loginerror could you please help me with this issue.