Converting the Project to Nuget Package

Hi Team,

Currently I’m using command line to package the Uipath project to Nuget
c:\Program Files (x84)\UiPath\Studio> UiRobot.exe -pack “C:\UiPath\Projects\Notepad\project.json” -o “destination file”. Click on enter.

But I want an alternative option to pack the project to Nuget. Please suggest some other alternative solution with Orchestrator API or using some dotnet logics.

Karthik Balaje R

Hi @KarthikBalaje24

Are you trying to convert the project to a nuget package file to publish it into some other location? If so, how about using the actual Publish option in t the Studio so that it will generate the nuget file for you?

If I have understood the question in a wrong way, please explain the scenario again :slight_smile:


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Actually I’m working on automatic deployment script ( C# Console App ) which does this activity through code. so instead of a user clicks on publish and converts the project to Nuget. I need a code line in c# to convert the UiPath project to Nuget package so there won’t be any UiPath license dependency.

As currently my deployment script is dependent on UiRobot.exe as the command line works using that .exe so I’m looking for an alternative solution which is not dependent on UiPath License.

Karthik Balaje R

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