Converting the project from Legacy to Windows Compatibility

Hi Forum Fam,

I have develop the project in Legacy Compatibility, Now while converting the project from Legacy to Windows Compatibility.

All packages are working correctly (Including update), But except this “UiPath.Credentials.Activities” is not working, Kindly refer the below mentioned screenshot.


It seems failed to get service index of nuget. Can you check if your network settings is right? Or try again after a while.

Hi Yoichi,
Can you please tell which network setting I need to check?


For now, can you check other feed (such as Marketplace)?
If same error occurs, there is possibility network settings matter. Can you share UiPath version and Install mode(user mode or service mode)?


Hi @Yoichi,
Kindly find the Screenshot



If your machine works on intranet and there is proxy to access internet, can you check the following document? Basically, it’s necessary to add proxy settings into UiPath.config for service mode robot.