Converting scraped text to numbers

Hie guys. My scraped data is showing numbers as text in excel. How can i change format for my scraped data to be written as numbers

Kindly Covert that whole column to int32 like
Yourdatatable.columns(“yourcolumnname”) = GetType(System.int32)

And now insert that datatable to the excel
Cheers @Tapiwa

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Many ways to do it:

  1. you can change the format in excel
  2. usually there is ’ in front of the number, therefore you can replace it with space " "
  3. after read range, use assign activity with cint to convert each cell inside the datatable

cannot assign from type ‘system. type’ to type ‘’. thats the error im hevin when converting.
DT.columns(“test”) = GetType(System.int32)

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Asha sorry typo mistake it should be like
Yourdatatable.columns(“yourcolumnname”).Datatype = GetType(System.int32)
Cheers @Tapiwa

were we able to enter as integer now @Tapiwa

Kindly share your xaml if possible
Cheers @Tapiwa