Converting Project into Re-framework

Hi All,

So I developed a process using sequences, which connects with ftp server1 and downloads the data one by one and then connects to ftp server2 and downloads data again, this is repeated till ftp server10. Once all the files are downloaded in particular folder (ie; download folder) then bot will sort the files and remove unwanted ones and move the remaining files to another folder (ie; main folder). This worked fine using sequences and variables for path folder.

Now I need to introduce the same to Re-framework,

  1. RE creates default config file, shall I keep all the paths there or create another config to store separately
  2. I have to use different ip address for servers while pass and user will be the same for all 10 servers, how can I use this technique using config and where can I add activities; in get app framework or put it in the process state?

This is kinda confusing. Please help me Experts !!


Best solution is to do the REFramework Excercises on UiPath Academy and Youtube and get to know the Framework in and out.

If you know UiPath quite well you can do it after a week of studying. At first it looks complicated but its not that hard once you looked thorugh every aspect.

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Yes, as tasty says, try to learn the reframework course from Uipath academy, it’s crisp if you go through it once and their exercise you will get it easy to make. Yes you can :blush:


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