Converting Password proected word file to PDF

I dont have any issues reading the files or saving as PDF. However, the word documents open as password protected. I would like to have the option to click on ‘read only’ then save the file as pdf as that is what the manual process would be. Why doe the “Save Document ad PDF” not have function to convert the password protected document?

Either way, i need a solution to convert over 500 word files to pdf. Maybe I need to use the “Applictation/Browser” then try to click on the password protected? Not sue what a good solution is for this.

I figured it out. After you install UiPathTeam.FileConverter package you simply use Convert word to PDF.

Being now I always forget about the package install and it seems you have to blog and find something that you dont have in your tool kit and look for that tool. anyway, easy thing, just new but got it figured out.

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