Converting Json Array to a Variable

Hi, I have followed the tutorials however I am struggling to extract content out of json array to a variable. I am trying to do this with ServiceNow however I had the same issue with “” using the cmc example, I do a web request writing out to a string variable which I can check with a write line. However after that, if I try to Deserialise the json to a jarray or jobject I get an error option strict on disallows converting from string to int. I am sure I am just messing up the data type but some help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Chris_Dornan,

Can you send the error message.



HI Arivu, Thanks for your assistance.


Hi Chris,

Can you please post the workflow? I’ve managed to implement a HTTP request to my own developer instance on ServiceNow with no issues.

The output of my HTTPRequest was to a string, to which I performed a deserialization to produce a JObject.


Hi Ollie, Thanks for your reply, I have changed it to JObject as suggested. Where I am falling flat is converting elements within the json to a variable. This is the rest response.
{“result”:[{“number”:“INC0010010”,“user_input”:“”,“category”:“Threat Response”,“subcategory”:“SearchAndDestroy”}]}
What I want to do is create a variable for incident number, user input, etc. then use the variable in a powershell command to perform a search and destroy on an office 365 tenant. However I am struggling with the syntax to extract the content out the json to a variable. I am trying to use write line however not getting anywhere. I can post the workflow however it is just going to show an incompetent write line function :grin::grin:

Hey Chris, no such thing as incompetency! We’re all learning here and it took me a solid day of struggling to extract the data. What worked for me to assign the data from servicenow to a local variable was:

Using the Assign function:
variable1 = jsonDocument(“result”)(0)(“variableInServiceNow”).ToString

Is that a similar thing to what you’re trying to do?


Thanks Ollie, That looks like what I need. I will give it a go an let you know.

Genius!!! Thanks that was perfect.

Fantastic! All the best :grinning: