Converting Community Edition Project to Enterprise Edition

Hi there,

I am trying to get the projects I have created in the Communitity edition to work in the Enterprise edition.

The issue I am having is with some of the For Each processes.

In the Community edition I am able to select this (ColumnName)

But when I try to recreate in Enterprise Edition I don’t have the same options.

I’m only new to this so any help so I can get these options so I can select it would be appreciated.



Buddy @wildev
Kindly check the difference between the type arguments property of both the for each loop buddy
Change the type of argument in this for each loop as, i think its still in object or string type buddy , thats why @wildev


did that work buddy @wildev

Hi There,

Just spitballing here…

Did you by any chance use Queues and Queueitems in your previous project ?

If so then have you made sure you have migrated everything, updated the QueueNames if they were changed, the orchestrator etc…

Also @Palaniyappan has a good point.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

As simple as that. I will now put that in my memory for future use.

Thanks for the help.




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Cheers buddy
Keep going

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