Convert xslx to csv

Hello team. I have one raw file, which is posted below
Scrap 160224 Manual.xlsx (21.0 KB)

To convert each wooksheet to csv, I must first complete the tasks listed below.

1- change Date format Please make it the same as shown in attached output files. (dd/mm/yyyy)

2- Item code should not be truncated, and it should be in text format.

3 in the file scrap_com, column D and column F should be blank if there is no value. Currently, in my case it is showing (blank) in those columns.

I also attached the output file which I want.

this for item transfer wooksheet

this for booking woorksheet

and this is for reclaim

Hi @Anish_Kumar2

Check out the below zip file (121.1 KB)

Input Folder contains the input.
Output folder contains output for all three sheets in separate CSV.

Happy to help if you have any more requirements or if you face any difficulties.


Hello, Varun.

Thank you for your reply. Can you ensure that you convert single item column is in text format which is item code, or you convert all column in text?

Hi @Anish_Kumar2

All columns are converted into text.


can you please convert only item Column

I am getting this error while merging the code

Hi @Anish_Kumar2

Try impoting those from the imports panel ?


Hi @Anish_Kumar2

Try importing System.Globalization from imports panel and it will resolve the issue.


thank you so much Varun

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You’re welcome @Anish_Kumar2

Happy Automation!!

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