Convert workflow into a shareable document that can be reviewed by others without uipath


So here is the issue. Whenever we create a new process, we need to build out a Visio document with screenshots that outlines the entire process. A different group then reviews the Visio document. Is there a way to extract the workflow and perhaps just save it as a pdf or something? That way they could just review that instead of having to create a separate Visio document for audit purposes?

You can export the workflow to Excel.


However, I strongly suggest to create your document before even implementing your process.

What does that mean?

You should define your process before “writing the code”. Once the process is approved you can then give directions to the developpers.

I just exported it. That won’t work. They won’t understand it. It needs to be like an actual flow diagram so anyone can understand the logic.

Ha there isn’t a process out there that will convert a project into a viso document is there?

Yes we are defining the process before. This is more of a document to say we have tested every possible permutation that the process can go down.

Yes, you’ll still some work to do but it might be easier from that document You can generate visio document from excel.

If you use the REFramework you can leverage the tests to show your code coverage and with the addition of Screenshot / SaveImage activity keep the track.

What does the output of the code coverage look like?

If you have a recent project using the REFramework you’ll have a “Documentation” folder with a PDF file. In page 36 you’ll find a description of the Test Framework.