Convert Word to Excel Format

Hi !
I have Word file I need to convert it to excel . Could anyone help me please?



Is word file data in Structured format ?

If yes then follow below steps to convert word to excel file.

  1. Use Read Text activity inside Word Application Scope activity to read the data from word file.

  2. And then pass the data to Generate DataTable activity to convert string to DataTable.

  3. Finally use Write Range activity and pass above output DataTable to write into Excel file.

if we want to convert 10 files thn how to write in path(write range activity)?


You mean want to write all 10 files data into single file ?

If yes then read one by one file from source folder and all the required data from file and add it to the DataTable using Add DataRow activity. Once all files completed then use Write Range and pass above DataTable to write data back to the excel file.

no when i convert the word file into excel aftr conversion in the read range activity he is asking for the path then how to write it


Sorry didn’t get you. Can you please share screenshot the flow you developed here.

Yes in Structured format but contain tables


It might help you.

Hi @Teaf ,

Could you Check the Workflow in the Post below as well :

Let us know if it didn’t work as Expected.

Yes the workflow convert Word to excel but not in the same format such as if rows merge . I need to convert with same format.