Convert Week into Date

Hi All,

I have a string date value like “03.2021” (which means 3rd week of 2021), which needs to be converted into date. In this case, I need to have 22.01.2021 (which is the firday in 3rd week of 2021)
Can anybody help me to achieve this?

NB: I treid to find solution on this forum, but nothing really specific. Thanks in advance!

lets do following:

lets split the 03.2021 into year and week

init the first Year day, calculate the offset to the first friday of the year

retrieve the week offset (same week or next week)

So we can do the final calculation

Find starter help here
GetFriday_FromWeekNo.xaml (7.1 KB)

in .Net 5 a function for this was added, but unfortunately we cannot use it, as we do run via different infrastructre (.Net Framework)

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Hey, Peter, thank you very much! Its workign perfectly. Really appreiate!

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