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I have a problem starting a robot with a field. I download the data from an Excel file

Below is a photo while trying to compile the robot


Hello @Lukasz_Krasniak ,

Seams that the phone number is not in the correct format.
Maybe you should add .Tostring at the end of the variable.

If not working, can you give some examples:

  1. A screenshot with this column from datatable (is double?)
  2. An example of the item/phone number from the datatable that gives this error


Hello @Lukasz_Krasniak please change the variable type String to Generic type


hope you will get the solution if you get mark it as solution and close this thread

Chethan P

Thaks Chethan if i changed the type of the variable it helped :slight_smile:

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Its ok if have any error fell free and ping me

happy Automation :beers: :beers:

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