Convert the pdf to excel

Can anyone help me to convert the attached pdf into excel.atptosbc.pdf (253.5 KB)

@ramkrishna2k3 Check below workflow and output.

Flow–0.xaml (19.1 KB)

out.xlsx (9.5 KB)

Hi Manjuts90

I am unable to view it shows **this activity is either missing or could not be loaded Properly.can you please zip the xaml and share

@ramkrishna2k3 Please find zip file below. (10.7 KB)

If you get that error again, packages might be missing please install those packages or package version problem.

Manjuts90 I m not getting the repair dependencies option is there any other way to recover.

@ramkrishna2k3 No idea bro


I am guessing you are getting the activity immediately below the ‘Build data table’ action as unresolved.

I believe this is because you are missing package(s).

You need to go to ‘Manage Packages’ and add the following:


pkhassan65 Oh, great it worked, Thanks and also thanks to Mr. Manjuts90

How to get those expression which you have used in For each. I am totally dumb with expression. Can you please tell where to find

@ramkrishna2k3 Please below link.

and also search in forum string split examples if still have doubt let me know.

skip is used to skip elements in array.

Example: skip(1) - skips first element of the array
skip(2) - skips first 2 elements of the array