Convert text into excel file

Hi all …I have one .txt file with content pattern like : (1,10),abcd,xyz,2000. i want to fetch this strings and convert it into excel .I cant do this because " , ’ in between (1,10) divides this into 2 columns . So i dont want that to divide

Store this pattern into a string variable(say Input).
Now use the command Input.Substring(0,Input.IndexOf(“)”)+1) to get the text (1,10) and store it in another variable(say Input2)
Now use Split(Input.Substring(Input2.Length+1),“,”) and if you wish store in an array variable(say Input3).
Now you have all your values in Input2 and Input3 variables.

Try Generate table. As (1,10) also gets split, merge first 2 columns later