Convert System.Collection.Generic.IEnumerable<System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match> into a String

Sorry for lack of reply yesterday.

I have tried to update the text in ‘Text’ under the ‘Write Text File’ but I get the exclamation mark. There do not seem to be any changes in the XAML that you updated as it still has currentMatch in the text box.

just send screenshot or validation issue info. we will have a look on it

Could it be the scope of the variable? Mine are all sequence and i notice in your first XAML file (AllMatchestoArray) that you have a scope called AllMatchestoArray_List?

Here is the error message I am getting when I run the script:

Or is this just the name of the sequence activity, so sequence is ok?

check type argument of the for each against the running examples and and adopt acordingly

That has worked!!! Thank you so much for your patience, you have been a huge help!

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