Convert String variable to Double

Hello everybody !
I need convert a string variable to double variable.
How can I do it ?
Anybody can help me ?


Try this


or you can use Ctype(str, double)

Hello @HareeshMR ,
I try with CDbl(string) and Ctype(string,double)
In both convert string to double, but If I want convert for example 41,40
show me 4140, the comma desappear !
How can I do it can show me the number with comma ?


I didn’t get that , can you explain a bit…

@silvina I think you need to look at this where some countries use a different number format with the comma and decimal swapped:

I’m not sure the best way to code it, but I believe Convert.ToDouble() and CDbl() go by the Regional settings.



Hi @silvina,

You can use the following method :


Thanks and Regards,