Convert string format date to the Date format

After read range activity, I am getting date as this type ‘44244’ which originally should be ‘2/17/2021’, which generally fixes by doing Format Cells in Excel to Date format but how can we achieve this using Uipath.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @shandilya.suthar15 …Please use Preserve Format in the Read Range.

Hi @prasath17 , I was previously using Preserve Format but there were some issues in it so I don’t want to use it.

@shandilya.suthar15 …Oh okay…In that case, can you please try the read range for workbook …

Also check this post

Hi @shandilya.suthar15
Try this:

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This worked, Thank you so much @pravin_calvin

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Credits @Palaniyappan

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