Convert String "dd/MM/yyyy" to String "dd.MM.yyyy"

I have a string var in dd/MM/yyyy. How to I change the format of the string to dd.MM.yyyy?


Hi @Cari ,

Please check this link .

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If your input is in dd/MM/yyyy then try this expression in assign activity

stroutput = Datetime.ParseExact(Strinput.ToString, “dd/MM/yyyy”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).ToString(“dd.MM.yyyy”)

For more details pls refer the thread shared by @parvathi_ayanala

Cheers @Cari

Just replace . with / in the string. No date parsing or other conversions necessary.

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Hey @parvathi_ayanala

Please try the below,


Hope this helps


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@Cari Please check the below workflow (2.3 KB)

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