Convert sequence to Flowchart and vice versa

Hi Team,

Usually while developing we choose either sequence or flowchart as a model to design a workflow

Sometimes we start with sequence and it may involve lot of decision making and condition, and if suddenly a new developer is handed over with the workflow he/she may find it difficult to understand the code

I have personally felt on seeing certain code like if this can be seen in FLOWCHART It would easier to understand the flow

Some might feel in other way like if this flowchart can be seen in sequence or would be easy to understand

Taking this as a note is there any plan to add a feature in studio to convert a sequence to flowchart and vice versa, whenever needed

That would be really cool if we can convert



Hey @Palaniyappan

I saved this idea. I know that this has been proposed a few times already, and it might happen in the future when we get to refreshing the Studio layout. Either way, thank you for reinforcing the idea that such a toggle would indeed be useful to have :slight_smile:

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Another advantage of converting a sequence to a flowchart (or back again) would be to allow a better link between the developers and the business.
Flowcharts are very easy for business users to read / understand & sign-off on. It wouldn’t be possible to ask them to confirm business logic based on a sequence (unless it was very simple).
Having said that, it might just be easier to build everything as flowcharts to begin with, so that the business can clearly see all the process logic.
In effect, the code becomes the document, saving everyone time and money.