Convert PDF to array

I want to convert this pdf ,and out put array. Pls give me some advise. Thanks.

Acrobat 文書.pdf (33.3 KB)

Can you share the output result needed?

For example, divide all words into spaces.
N G 4 5 6; P A C K I N G L I S T ( A T T ); P A C K I N G L I S T; L O T N O

Hello @Chen-Jim

If you read this pdf using read pdf text activity whats the output that you are getting? Can you share that result in a notepad here.

I think after reading the data from pdf, then you have to do some string manipulation to achieve this.

Thanks for your reply, so how to operate it?

@Chen-Jim You can first remove the Newlines and spaces from the string and then convert it into a character list.

To Remove the spaces and newlines : pdf_Text.Replace(vbNewLine,“”).Replace(" “,”")
To convert it into character array list : pdf_Text.ToCharArray().ToList

The output will look like below.