Convert pdf table to excel using powerQuery

hello i will to convert pdf tables to excel tables using excel powerQuery. Are there any built-in activities in uipath. I want to avoid mimicking human action as UIautomation.

Hi @Priyanka_Sharma1

To get the PDF table in excel

You can use Epsilon activitiy for extraction of table from PDF

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i have already tried epsilonAI and feat system package as well but i am not getting satisfactory results because end results is not as per expectaion, additional data cleaning is required in that result. In my use-case every input pdf is different, plus i dont have fixed pdf template, also table structure is complicated. As of now, PowerQuery is giving me the best results with almost zero data cleaning.

Here is my thread to previous unsrelolved post.

Hello, Priyanka thank you for the best answer for converting the PDF table to excel.

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