Convert part of a string to capitals - Proper Case Conversion

I have a string “rms home”. How can i make it so that it is “RMS Home” using the assign activity? So capitalise RMS and H i.e. each letter of each word will be capital

If MyStr = "rms home", you can convert it by assigning MyStr to String.Concat(MyStr.Substring(0, 5).ToUpper, MyStr.Substring(5, 3).

This works however what if my string is “rms technology” Is there a way to make this activity dynamic as the string variable will change length?

String.Concat(MyStr.Substring(0, 5).ToUpper, MyStr.Substring(5, MyStr.Length - 5).

have a look on this thread as well

Abbrevations / Terms maybe has to handled via List of known terms as there is not a rule to detect it by default

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I agree with ppr. Typically, you can use a function to capitalize the first letter in each word, but when it comes to acronyms like rms, you would have to have to handle them a bit more dynamically.

If I just had a string “home technology”, how could I make it “Home Technology”?



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