Convert Object back into datetime format

I have a datatable and work with the command “for each row” to access individual data. To keep it clear I use functions and pass the current row over the arguments into the function. The argument is of type System.datarow . The Datarow has different variable types (String,Datetime,INT32 etc.)
But in the function the argument has only the type Object and I don’t know how to restore the Datetime format.

Datetime_var = Row(“Columnname”)…

Can you help me ?



just found something on google

CType(Object, Datetime)

could this work? compiler says no error

Greetings Scathara


@Scathara1 Can you tell us exactly what you want to do ? Is it Just to change the datatype in the Excel or a Datatable? Also if you have found the solution to the problem, please post it and Mark it as a Solution with a Description.

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