Convert numbers with 10 decimals to string with full precision

Hi all,

I’m trying to create and write values from a Datatable containing very small values (0,00000706).
When typing this value it gives me this type of formula 7.06E-06 .

I know this is mathematically correct, but I need the value to appear in full precision.

I’ve already experimented with decimals, but I haven’t found a solution yet.

Are you having issues when typing into excel or somewhere else?

Somewhere else, using mainframe automation.

But when logging the value in UiPath Studio, it gives me the formula as well.
So I’m pretty sure the problem occurs before typing into my software programme.

Things to look at could be are:

  • how is the number generated / what datatype are you storing it as
  • output the whole datatable to confirm the formatting of the value
  • what datatype is the data column in which you are storing it