Convert Number to words

Hi All,

I am trying to find an easy way to Convert Number to words in Uipath.

Can anyone help or assist?

E.g. 42 to Forty-two


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Hi @Ashish32229,

I think you can create custom activity its esay to get the int to word.

Converting Numbers to Words in C#
Convert Rupees (Numbers) to Words (String) using C#.NET



Hi @Ashish32229

Here is a solution develop by me long time ago. Hope it helps :smiley: (7.0 KB)



Please find the Xaml file with the invoke code, that makes ease of Number to words. Also I have included currency (optional).

Number to Words (Currency Included) - Invoke Code.xaml (113.5 KB)


Very Helpful!! Great work

what about the decimal point

what activity did you used, as it is showing activity missing

I have used just an Invoke code and Assign box and also it includes the two decimal places. The Invoke code will work upto Trillions.

Hi Jayendran,

thank you for sharing. can you help how to get numbers from the excel sheet and replace the words in the excel sheet?

Please help me.

Thanks and regards

Very well done, thanks for the share, excellent work! I did find one bug in it just for everyone to be aware of. When I input 7500.11 (no currency argument), the result is “Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eleven”.

But when I include the currency argument, it comes out fine.

When I input 7500.111 (no currency argument), the result is “Seven Thousand Five Hundred and Eleven”.

When I include the currency argument in this case, it returns “Seven Thousand Five Hundred Dollars”, which is also somewhat inaccurate.

So this should really only be used for converting currency amounts with a maximum of 2 decimal places and not for converting non currency numbers.

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