Convert multiple PDFs to text Files

Hi - I’m trying to design a workflow that converts all PDFs saved in a location to text files.

  1. I’m almost there, having trouble with an error on the ‘write text’ activity. Can anyone help?
    I’ve removed the pdf files from the folders due to sensitivity.

  2. I’d also like to dynamically name the text file based on the pdf names but have not come up with a method for that. Any ideas?

DannyConvert multiple PDF to Text (2.9 KB)

Hi @dgreen,

Write Text Activity is throwing an error because Path to save text file is wrongly mentioned. I have changed it, Please check in the attached workflow.


Convert multiple PDF to Text (3.0 KB)

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Hi Santan - thanks so much, these changes make it work perfectly for me. Appreciate your help!!

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