Convert MatchCollection to list of string

Hi All,

I have matchCollection variable with some some datas,
How to convert matchCollection into a list(of string) variable…

Any idea

Thanks in advance

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Can you please elaborate your topic with some screen-shots or documents?

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Hi @apurba2samanta

I am using regular Expression to fetch specific datas

OUTPUT Variable type is
matchCollection type

Without looping
I need to convert matchCollection into List(Of String)


Hi @kadiravan_kalidoss

Select is not a member in MatchCollection Error

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for the reply
But I am Getting Error

Select is Not a Member of System.Linq.IQueryable

My Input Variable Type is System.Text.rfegularExpressions.MatchCollection

If you have a variable named out_matchcol as Match Collections variable


Arr_str = (From m in out_matchcol.Cast(of Match).ToArray()
Select Convert.ToString(m)).ToArray()


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