Convert List in "Output Pannel" to DataBase


Is there a way to Convert List in “Output Pannel” to Database ?
Example :
Dates.xaml (9.6 KB) (Ref.How to get the dates in between two dates)




Thanks in Advance

Hi @hsendel, if you are trying to save the output to an excel file, build a new datatable and insert dates into the table. You can then use Write Range activity to save the output to excel file. Write Range will create a new excel file if it does not exist.

Thanks karavinds for prompt feedback.
I tried the same without success.Could you please help to update the attached XAML file accordingly. Thanks in advanceDates.xaml (9.6 KB)

Any support on this ? Thx

My Problem Solved Using : Converting String [] to datatable variable. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

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