Convert Html to Image

Hi Ui Forum,

I am created new custom activity.Please use it and let me know if you have any issues.

UserGuide-Html to Image.docx (170.5 KB)

Omkar P


Mister Reddy,

I’m contacting you because I have a problem using your custom activity.

When I’m trying to use it, I have this error :

HtmlToImage: No code compiled to run
error CS0103: Name ‘TheArtOfDev’ does not exist in current context On line 1

Please find the parameters I used and the HTML file.

Could you please check why I have this error ?

Thank you in advance and best wishes.

Debit.html (170 Bytes)

Hi @ludovic.vetter,

Sorry for the late reply !

I am tested your html file in my latest studio pro 2021.4.4 it is converted into image successfully.

if you still find any issues Please let me know.

Omkar P

not compatible for windows version. Might be compatible for Windows(Legacy).

Could you please share for windows version

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